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Chrissy Adams

Chrissy Adams instructs the following:
  • Hot Power Yoga
  • Experience high intensity movement in a flowing class designed for the experienced yogi/yogini who has a strong practice. Students should be prepared for an hour of physically challenging poses. This class is a "Hot" class, practiced in a 90° to 95° room. PLEASE bring a towel and a water bottle.


  • Hot Power Yoga

  • All Levels Flow
  • This class will give you the opportunity to explore taking your practice up a notch (or two). Heavy on arm balances and inversions, if you have a super strong chaturanga and love to go upside down and jump around this is your class! Highly athletic, energetic and fun!  

  • All Level Vinyasa
  • Alignment based yoga, linking breathe with postures. Emphasis on body and breath awareness and slower, more controlled movements in a meditative mindset. Includes stretching along with simple but challenging sequences, holding postures in order to understand and notice placement of the entire body within the framework of the breath and feel sensation. Hot temp. ranging between 85-95 degrees.