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Jo Ann Camp

Jo Ann Camp instructs the following:
  • YIN
  • Yin yoga is a slow and meditative practice with a strong focus on breath and concentration.  Expect to use the breath paired with a strong internal focus to find stillness in the body and the mind during long holds in postures, in order to reach the deeper, connective tissues and fascia of the body. The majority of the postures are passive, and on the mat, and time in the postures is much like time in mediation.  The practice will tone muscles, increase mobility and circulation in the physical body, and it will also bring the body and mind into balance, relieving stress and anxiety.  The practice has a very grounding, calming and harmonizing effect on the body.

  • Fit Flow
  • Experience high intensity movement in a flowing class designed for the experienced yogi/yogini who has a strong practice. Students should be prepared for an hour of physically challenging poses. This class is a "Hot" class, practiced in a 90° to 95° room. PLEASE bring a towel and a water bottle.
    Feel free to add anything or make any suggestions.
    Jo Ann