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Paul Summerlin

Paul Summerlin instructs the following:
  • Yoga Spotlight
  • This is a chance for our yoga instructors to showcase their style of yoga.  Check the schedule each week to find out who is teaching!! 

  • All Level Vinyasa
  • Alignment based yoga, linking breathe with postures. Emphasis on body and breath awareness and slower, more controlled movements in a meditative mindset. Includes stretching along with simple but challenging sequences, holding postures in order to understand and notice placement of the entire body within the framework of the breath and feel sensation. Hot temp. ranging between 85-95 degrees.

  • Stretch Yoga
  • A blend of Restorative Yoga using bolsters and blocks and Gentle Yoga. Perfect for beginners or those looking to release stress while slowly stretching and opening areas of the body like the shoulders, hamstrings, or hips. Breath work, meditation, and mind body spirit connection are a part of this class.

  • Yoga Morning Cleanse

  • Hot Power Yoga

  • Hot Power Yoga
  • Improve your performance in sports, unleash your inner power, and attain a more flexible body. This is a vigorous an challenging practice the emphasizes increasing strength, balance, and flexibility. Hot-Temp ranges 85-95 degrees.