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Why Wait? Lets Find Our Motivation

I love meeting new people and being in social situations.  And over the past few years I have started noticing a pattern with most conversations.  When I tell people where I work, the rest of the conversation is focused around fitness and diet.  For those who are not already working out or clean eating, I notice they always say, "I am waiting for......"  And it is always a date.  The end or beginning of the year, my birthday, next month, and so on.  I always have the same response.  Why wait?  When I eat clean and workout regularly, I feel great, sleep better, and I feel good in my clothes.  Setting a date to start a healthier lifestyle is not motivation.  I know getting started can be difficult.  It's change and sometimes change can be difficult.  But you know we all have to start somewhere.  So ask yourself what you want.  Why wait to start achieving your goal?  Find your motivation.  Why wait?  Get motivated today!!!  Lets feel good today!!!  http://health.howstuffworks.com/wellness/diet-fitness/exercise/10-weird-ways-to-diet-exercise.htm


Saturday, January 24, 2015
It's always the first push towards beginning that is the difficult part. Once you get started it's always easier to continue. It's like the energy required to push a rocket into space. It's the launch that takes up 90 % of the energy. Keeping it going is just 5 %. Read an article I wrote here on staying on course in your fitness regime - http://www.wellintra.com/staying-on-course-in-your-fitness-regime/