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Craig Williams

Craig has a B. S. degree in Kinesiology and is an A.C.E certified trainer. Craig specializes in Hybrid Training . Dynamic pathway restructuring and….Having Fun! He believes in developing both the spiritual and physical aspects of a person. “Balance is the key to a healthy and whole person.”

Matt Carter

Hello. My name is Matt Carter. I was born in Pine Bluff and graduated from White Hall High School. I went to UALR and majored in Health Ed. I have been a fitness trainer for 20 years and have my NFPT certification.

Jessie Grobmyer

Jessie holds a B. A. degree in Communications from the University of Arkansas.  She received her training certification (CI-CPT) from the famed Cooper Institute in Dallas.  Jessie is dedicated to helping everyone she works with reach their goals and live a healthy, happy and active lifestyle.
Jeff Walker
Jeff  is a co-owner of Clubhaus Fitness, handles sales and marketing, and is a certified personal trainer/group fitness instructor.  Jeff has a Balance Body Certification to teach Pilates Reformer levels  I, II, and III.  His personal training certificate is Onnit Academy Foundations in Austin Texas.  Jeff specializes in unconventional training techniques and his training philosophy is to "Listen, Teach, Correct and Build".
Rush Cornwell
Rush is general manager and a co-owner of Clubhaus Little Rock, and a certified personal trainer.  He likes to utilize macebells,indian clubs, bands, battle ropes, kettle bells, and body weight, as well as other equipment to help his clients attain a balanced overall fitness level.  Rush is a graduate of U of Centrall Arkansas with a degree in Education, and was a school teacher before embarking on his fitness.carreer
Jo Ann Camp
Jo Ann has a B.S. in Health Science.  She is a Lululemon Ambassador, yoga teacher and personal trainer.  She holds the following certifications: 200 E-RYT;Triathlete Association (can train you for triathlons); Paddleboard Yoga; Mat Pilates

Brad Hamilton

Brad Hamilton has been a Personal Trainer for almost 10 years. Currently, and for nearly 7 years now, he holds the SFG Kettlebell Instructor Certification (formerly RKC), and is the FIRST (and still ONLY) person in central Arkansas to attain this advanced level certification.

He has competed in many sports throughout his life, including (but not limited to) soccer, golf, basketball, and tennis. For the last 14 years, he has lovingly competed in the arena of fatherhood, which he believes should probably be an Olympic event... He also fancies himself a spider monkey trapped in a man's body.

Brad has worked with people from all walks of life and capabilities ranging from post-rehab, "mom-athletes", all the way up to elite performers. He loves training people based on the philosophy that human beings are born with an innate grace and limitless movement capacity. He also believes in the natural way of eating and healing. Whatever your "sport", Brad can make you better.

Chris Cornwell

My name is Chris Cornwell. I was born and currently live in Maumelle. I have a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Health and Science from the University of Central Arkansas. I started working at Clubhaus Fitness in June 2013 at the opening of our Little Rock location. Since then I have progressed to the front desk manager, group fitness instructor, and personal trainer.

David Shropshire

David is the first and only personal trainer in the state to hold a certification in the MovNat system of natural movement. He is also a certified massage therapist with 9 years of experience in sports massage and injury recovery as well as a certified yoga teacher who studied under Matt and Holly Krepps. His unique approach to training allows for a better understanding of how and why certain movements and exercises work better to give you the most out of your workout, while helping you to stay safe and mobile. “Technique is not the absence of strength. it is the most efficient use of it".

AFAA certified personal trainer
Elite Tae Bo Jr. Master Trainer
Speedball Fitness Instructor
R.I.P.P.E.D Coach

I have been in the fitness industry for 17 yrs.  Starting out as a fitness model for Met-Rx Nutrition I began my journey into the fitness industry.  I found an interest in adventure racing and competed in two Eco-Challenge races, not placing, but finishing the 350 mile race across the Borneo rain forest and Fiji jungle was challenging enough!.  My passion for fitness and having a competitive edge led me to teaching and training others.  I have been fortunate to train with and learn from the best, as well as teach in the U.S., Germany, and Canada.  I believe everyone has the ability to evolve and become stronger...faster...better!  We just need that extra push!  As an instructor I continue to further my education and learn new formats to share with others who are willing to learn and accept the challenge to be the best they can be!
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